​​                                                                                PARTY RENTAL-
 Ice Cream Truck rental includes Driver/ attendant 1 hour $50 ​plus 25 piece minimum of ice cream novelties required​. 100 or more pieces of ice cream no $50 fee.

Cart rental is $ 50 ( 4hrs) plus 48 pieces minimum of  ice cream  novelties required (dry Ice required)

​$2.00 per piece            
​Classic novelties include: vanilla sandwiches, strawberry fruit bar, fudge bars, nutty cone, creamsicle, push ups, Popsicle, and firecracker/bomb pops​,

​$2.50 per piece
​premium novelties include Dove bar, Klondike bars, Choco Taco, Ben & Jerry's bars, Magnum Bar, Giant vanilia cone, Oreo cookie sandwich, Dora, Spongebob, Spiderman​

$3.00 per piece
​​​GH Magnum classic, GH Magnum Carmel, GH Magnum Almond, B & J fudge brown bar, B & J half baked bar,
B & J cherry garcia bar.

    Not all brands available at all times